So Friday was pretty chill. I went to the jr. high where I lead the conversation hour and no one came. Blerg.  I did however talk to the teacher that had the incident with the upset student that knocked over the chairs and whatnot. Turns out he was expelled for two days because of his actions! Also turns out he was one of the students that I have taught. I didn’t recognize him because I was just so shocked by the situation that was occurring. After I caught up with her, I went to the mall and bought my ticket to Paris! Yay! I’m so excited!!! I also accidently bought a purse. It was on sale for 60% off so really I practically made money.

On Saturday I actually got up and out of the house before noon! Victory. I went to the morning market at Place Saint Bruno with Ashley and Hessam. It was a little ghetto but really cool. There were some tables with just plasticy, crappy stuff, but also tables with expensive perfumes, jewelry, and leather shoes. It was a beautiful sunny day, so it was just a lovely way to spend the morning. Then that afternoon I got my haircut. Oulala lala. It was an experience. I wanted just a trim, with bangs, and my roots dyed. What I got was a major cut, half bangs, and some of my roots dyed. If I were at home I would of gone back and asked them to redo my bangs and my roots.  Three different people worked on my hair at various times. They didn’t put conditioner in my hair, and their dog bit me (really just nipped me). So I don’t think I’ll be going back there.  I miss Colorific. Ben had us over for dinner. He made a delicious salad with beets. I’ve never had a beet before because my dad had a scaring experience as a child so he never made them. I’ve been missing out! I’m now obsessed with them. Ben also made pasta, beef, and glück. The last item turned out to be rather volatile. Two of our friends from Lyon came into Grenoble to stay with Ben for the weekend to ski. We went out with them to a rum bar that was really cool. You can buy bottles of all these different flavors of rum that they mix there. So many colors of rum, perhaps too many.

Sunday was a late start for me.  I am always reminded that it is Sunday when I open the shutters in the morning. The world is so quiet. The streets are slient. I worked on lesson plans, my CAF application form, caught up on e-mails, did some laundry, and watched The Kids are All Right.

This morning when I opened the shutters it was for sure Monday. I could hear all the cars moving and people recommencing their busy “bouging” lives. Today I taught all day. One girl told me she would rather stay longer and have me teach her English than go to recess. She has just been added to my favorites list naturally. No one came to my conversation hour again today at the jr. high. Ugh I don’t know what to do about it.  Tonight I watched Inception and it blew my mind. Crazy good movie! Bonne Nuit and good luck with all that snow Chicago! Its a nice little 45 degrees here and it hasn’t snowed since Christmas!